How to choose an online course

You can now learn whatever you want in the privacy of your own room.

Flexibility – Online learning offers unprecedented flexibility when it comes to receiving an education. It has shifted the focus from the instructor’s teaching to the student’s learning.

Online learners enjoy the full control they have over their education, as showing up to class is no longer a requirement. They are free to set their own schedules and accommodate the online courses to their everyday lives.

Affordability – One great advantage to online learning is its cost, which is typically lower compared to traditional classroom education. In fact, many of them offer amazing free trial periods, and some of them, are completely free of charge.

The Internet offers a wealth of opportunities when it comes to taking online English courses. So how do you make a decision with so many choices?

  1. Decide what learning outcomes you want from a course
  2. Read the course description carefully
  3. How much are you willing to pay? Cheap or free doesn’t necessarily mean quality, but expensive doesn’t either it’s always better to get registered with an accredited course provider.
  4. So you want a solely online course or would you like to be assessed on something practical? We learn by doing so courses that offer a worksheet to apply to a practical task are often better value.
  5. How much time realistically are you going to spend doing it? Some courses have so many modules you may take years to complete it or do you want a short course you can focus on over a few weeks or days?
  6. Don’t underestimate personal interaction, is there a tutor or group you can contact if you need help or have an important question?

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